Great Knitting Tips for Beginners

Hey everyone, I thought I’d get started with the blog by giving you guys my top knitting tips.

Knitting can sometimes be very frustrating, especially when you are just starting out. There are so many things that you need to know and so on. Give yourself time to figure it out and it won’t be long before you start enjoying it and you find yourself not wanting to stop. Below are some tips on knitting for beginners.

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What if I’m left handed?

Left-handed people are commonly told that it is vital that they learn how to knit backwards. This is not true and this came about because people from the past generations say that left-handed people’s brains are wired differently. So these knitting tips are perfect for everyone!

Only judge your work when you have five rows or more already.

It would be even better if you finish ten rows first before you start judging your work. This is especially true if the project that you are working on is your first. It is easy to be tempted to judge your work when you still have two rows. It may seem like you missed a few stitches even if you have counted correctly. Stop focusing on that and just continue knitting. When you create more rows. The other rows will toughen up and be even so your project will still end up looking okay.

Don’t expect to multitask when you are just starting.

You will often see people watching their favourites series or movie while knitting. You can too but just not when you are still starting out. It is not hard to knit but learning the craft for the first time is. Sometimes it even feels like you cannot get your hands moving the right way. This is why it is important that you focus on knitting when you are still starting out. So keep the TV turned off.

Begin with simple projects. Who would not want to do complicated knitting patterns, right? Try that later on when you have more experience. But for now, go for something simple, one that you don’t need months to finish. There are lots of easy patterns that you can try out so start with that first.

Don’t despair when your result is not what you want it to be.

Or if someone is telling you that it is wrong. It is not. You just happen to be doing things different. Wrong and different are not associate terms. There are different techniques used in knitting. The most common way though is what we call as the English method.

Practice makes perfect.

Some people would say that they have problems with knitting yet are too impatient to practice. If this is the case, there is nothing else that anyone else can do for you. If you want to improve your knitting skills then you will need to often. If you are having problems with knitting, don’t blame it on knitting. Blame it on the fact that you do not have the patience needed to deal with it. You are the only one that can control your patience. You need to remember that practice is really important when it comes to knitting. There will never be any improvement in your skills if you won’t practice.

What about sewing?

There’s a lot to say about sewing for sure! I love my trusty old brother LS 14, it’s a great sewing machine to get started. I got mine from a friend who upgraded her sewing machine to a later model. It has great reviews and I’d recommend reading this good review of the brother sewing machine.


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So over to you – what knitting tips do you have?